Name Prashil Hirulkar
Designation/Company Assistant Vice President at Credit Suisse
Feedback I worked with Abdul in IBM and would like to say strongly that He is one of best Mentor and multi skillful person. He is very strong in his area including Technical, Business and Processes.
Name Zaid Shaikh
Designation/Company Graduate Geotechnical Engineer at Arcadis.
Feedback I have the pleasure of knowing Abdul Haseeb since my junior college, he has been a great mentor. Although not being from Civil Engineering background, he has guided me triumphantly to my M.Tech. at College of Engineering Pune. He keeps boosting me and is always ready to aid and explain. His great attitude is icing on the cake.
Name Altaf Shaikh
Designation/Company Technical Manager at Capgemin

Abdul Haseeb is a great mentor. He has depth and breadth of the technology. He can suggest to anyone which career path to choose when and why!

He is excellent carrier counselor, he is the one who can counsel/guide precisely on multiple threads in technologies.

Name Touseef Syed
Designation/Company Senior Network engineer at FISGLOBAL
Feedback I would really appreciate to Abdul Haseeb who guided in every situations, the way he advised towards destination was incredible and value added in my career growth. Thank you so much , you are more than Champion for me.
Name Abdul Hafiz Shaikh
Designation/Company Senior Network engineer at FISGLOBAL
Feedback Abdul Haseeb is international speaker, highly professional, intelligent person I have ever met. I was amaze when I heard that he was among very few people who were part of DevOps; when it was initially brought in India almost 12 years back when no one heard of it. He also is best at career guidance helped many to grow professionally.I would highly recommend him for DevOps.
Name Imran Shaikh
Designation/Company Agile Scrum Master

One of the beautiful personality I have ever connected to, Haseeb has ability to understand the challenges or issues faced by the person, and has ability to change his/her thoughts completely. Whenever connected to him I have never come back without solution, I have always had positivity after talking to him.

And it’s very important that you have positive people and a guider around you to proceed further with your Corporate career.

Name Tajjamul Khan
Designation/Company Project Manager & Life Coach

Brother Abdul Haseeb is very passionate person I ever met. He is very much committed towards the tasks he takes up. Along with his efficiency in professional work he always believe in giving back to society, with this constructive thinking he has contributed a lot towards carrier guidance and education. He has shown the way to design the career to many technocrats who were struggling with mid career crisis. On the other hand his contributions towards education field was very unique not only he enlightened various students but also went a step ahead to create a portal serving a collaborating point for all NGOs offering education help and needy students. Thanks for your valuable contribution may you get the best reward for this. Keep doing the good work.

Name Tajjamul Khan
Designation/Company Director at TeachingWays Academy

Abdul Haseeb is a multi-dimensional resource. I got the chance to work with him on the Career Guidance Program. I knew he was being invited by several colleges for this topic, hence we at Shaheen Group of Institutions, Pune branch invited him for a webinar on Career Selection Guidance after 10th and 12th. The delivery of the lecture was nice and was appreciated by many members of the audience during the session and also post the session. It felt like the time was short for such a vast subject. He could conduct a 2-day workshop on it comfortably if need be. Apart from this People have been getting the benefits of Professional Coaching and Guidance for quite some time now. It is really amazing that apart from his professional commitments he also manages to run an NGO under the name of 360Careervision which has also helped a lot of students for Scholarships information. I wish him all the best and hope his contributions would continue to benefit the society at large.

Name Wasim Akram
Designation/Company Senior DevOps engineer

It was really great pleasure to work together with Abdul Haseeb. He is dedicated, self-motivated and very capable. He is not only a forward thinking project manager but also an inspiring team player. Any employee would be lucky to have Abdul Haseeb as a manager.

Name Aslam N
Designation/Company Tech Manager .Net, D365, PowerApps, Power Automate, Azure Devops

It’s rare that you come across standout talent like Abdul Haseeb when it comes to work. I am particularly impressed by Abdul Haseeb’s ability to handle the critical situations in the projects and even the toughest clients effortlessly with the good technology landscape, that skill often takes years to develop among IT professionals, but it seemed to come perfectly naturally to him.

Also i am impressed with the his attitude skills which comprise of social work in education career counselling, good people connect, good listener and approachable.

Any employer would be lucky to have Abdul Haseeb in his company.

Name Sarfaraz Shaikh
Designation/Company Senior Consultant at Capgemini

I have known Abdul Haseeb for over a decade now and working with him has always been a pleasure. He is a thorough professional with commendable knowledge on Agile & DevOps and fair knowledge of Testing processes.

He is one of the best career counselor in town and offers valuable insights, perspective and advice to individuals who are seeking career help and are from different streams – IT, Non-IT, Arts and Commerce backgrounds.

He has this unique ability to understand the strengths of individual and utilize that in choosing the right career path.

He has been running career guidance workshops across different cities for SSC/HSC students and has attracted hundreds of students with his unique style of counseling.

Abdul Haseeb will be an indispensable asset to any future firm he works for, and comes with my highest recommendation.

Name Sheikh Zaid
Designation/Company Consultant at Infosys

Abdul Haseeb is an excellent Devops Manager with a wide range of skillsets including Agile coaching and mentoring.

A calm working style along with a productive approach makes him a standout amongst managers.

Very few techno managers have this all round ability to drive a project.

A big asset to any team.

Name Muzaffar Shaikh
Designation/Company Maximo Product Consultant at AAM.
Feedback I would like to Thank and provide my recommendation to Abdul Haseeb , as he has been my Mentor and Guide since 2008 where he was a Release Manager in UK .He has Guided me and Coached me professionally and helped me overcome my hindrances and achieve my goals,Also gave a good suggestion and viable Direction to shape my career when i was facing mid career crisis .I would also appreciate him as he devotes his busy time mentoring other professionals , I view him as a Role Model of how he handles work, life and social responsibility, I am really Glad and thankful for all support provided by Him .
Name Faraz Ahmed
Designation/Company Siebel, Integration, REST API, SOAP, Webservices, SalesforceSiebel
Feedback I met Abdulhaseeb for the first time when I was at IBM and we have interacted with each other for more than 5 years now. He is an excellent mentor. He has a vast breadth of knowledge on various old & new technologies, and has exposure & experience on several roles. All these make him the ideal person to consult for career guidance or any queries about cross-skilling, up-skilling, trainings, certifications and keeping up with the latest software industry trends. Moreover, he has benefited many others by disseminating his knowledge through education, scholarship & career counselling lectures conducted on behalf of several NGOs. I hope, pray & believe that he can achieve great scales through his knowledge & efforts.