Career Triangle to Career Rectangle

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I will be amazed if a senior professional doesn’t know “What is Career Triangle.” In today’s world it has become a mystery how to deal with. Today or tomorrow everyone is going to be in the Golden Cage. Among the professionals it’s the most talked about topic during the lunch and tea breaks. It’s a fearful introspection discussion to remain in the job for longer time.

The Career Triangle is directly proportional to company’s growth. The earlier company stalls the growth the more earlier is the golden cage for the seniors – that means shorter Career Triangle. Let’s put in other words – if a company grows more for longer duration then it needs senior people for the longer duration – that means slow trimming. If a company grows slowly then early exits for senior employees.

That’s the reason we all want to make our career with (constantly) growing companies so that we can be in the job for longer tenure.


Ideally/formally every company denies the Career Triangle and expecting (intrinsically) Career Rectangle – unsaid expectations. And if we observe growing/successful people always follow, unknowingly, a Career Rectangle Career Path.

What is Career Rectangle? Career Rectangle is also an answer to the most frequently asked question “What I should do to remain in the job for longer time”

It’s simple – as experience grows company also expects us to grow in multiple dimensions. Broadly there are 4 dimensions (as shown above in the image):

1. Having a business hat – expectations are always at higher side.

2. Adjusting oneself to company’s direction and policies – which are always favorable to shareholders.

3. Ahead of Technology – it’s always changing.

4. Domain knowledge – boundless.

And every one of us tries to find a finite career path among the 4 infinite boundaries (company expectations). Which is “To Be Decided (TBD)” career state!!!

While achieving these 4 infinite walls our Personal and Professional life transforms from Green to Red. Eventually we become part of the race where winning end is placed at infinite distance. We never know in this race and among infinite changing expectations when we will become obsolete.

At some point we need to ponder “what and where is my next move?” or “what trade-off should be made on what cost?” We all need to have the plan B. In worst condition (job lost) we cannot sit in front of our responsibilities and start blaming to upcoming Technologies, High Business expectations or changing Company Policies etc.

So when is your break-even point! Think and respond! Thank you and Best of Luck!

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