IT Industry’s example is opposite to sea/ocean – where…


Companies are working for shareholders not for employees. Employees are merely object to achieve the number game of shareholders.

Objects/Employees have value till outcome is coming. If due to personal/family reasons outcome is not produced then even high performers are generally shown the doors.

The perspective of industry is changing. We are not in a service/software industry but we are in a result oriented industry. Where objects/employees are judged from outcome only(which is true in one sense). And expectations of bar increases as our performance increases – which is nothing but greediness of outcome from management irrespective of our circumstances and skill set. So that means we are in a marathon race which will never end.

We spend all our energy giving outcome to the organizations. At the end our situation becomes like a sugarcane but without juice – and we know its value. Sugarcane without juice can only be thrown out.

A couple of messages keeps us motivated and we generally feel that we are the most important in the team/project (this is nothing but just a feel good factor). And we understand around age of 40-42 yrs that we have become redundant (sugarcane without juice). Hence I generally consider age around 42 yrs is the retirement age in IT because our growth becomes slow and we become a liability to the company. At this age generally we get (gifts like) big stomach, baldness, BP and sugar. Where we cannot run faster (that means our outcome is slower) and the industry expects and respect the people who give faster and better outcome ONLY.

Our Industry’s example is opposite to sea/ocean – where a bigger fish eats smaller fish.

In the ocean of industry faster fish(candidate) eats slower fish’s(candidate’s) job – irrespective of the age. That means if a senior candidate’s outcome is slower then the junior candidate will replace him (senior candidate) easily….

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